The coolest dental group in the world

Our mission is to make a positive impact on dentistry by advancing private practice and supporting the next generation of dentists. We empower individuals across the dental field to find fulfillment and contribute meaningfully to the current evolution of the industry. We support dentists, hygienists, and all team members’ unique contributions to build a future of dentistry that keeps clinicians and patients as the focus. At Positive Impact, we offer support, mentorship, and personal development driven by our culture and Core Values.


The Cap & Crown

The fresh-from-dental-school graduate who wants to set every mouth, and their future, aglow

“So many growth and career advancement opportunities, like C.E. courses and mentorship. I’m so excited to be working with and learning from a great network of doctors.”

Dr. McDougal
Associate Dentist

The Drill Master

The experienced dentist who wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves

“I’ve been supported in every way a dentist could want – from clinical and emotional support to help with the team and recruiting. The team environment has been the best thing for me.”

Dr. Khan

The Crowning Achiever

The experienced dentist looking to move into ownership of one or multiple practices

“Loved owning but I was ready to expand and grow my net worth. Since joining, my practice has more than quadrupled in productivity and I’m making a bigger clinical impact than I ever imagined.”

Dr. Rogers
Dentist & Owner

The Wisdom Tooth Doc

The wise dentist with years of experience who is ready to pass the drill and sell

“At Positive Impact, they do what they say they’re going to do, and that makes them easy to work with. They want the best for their team and their patients, and they have displayed that to me on countless occasions.”

Dr. Gibson
Senior Dentist

Gum Guardian

Behind a friendly face, the gum guardian wields sharp skills, flossing away troubles and polishing smiles to perfection

“Definitely not corporate. We’re supported a lot better than we would be by a solo practice because we have such a huge network of dental professionals who are always happy to help. We operate more like a family.”

Taylor Hedlund

The Smile Maker

The shine behind the teeth, the one who works tirelessly behind the scenes

“Working for an organization with strong core values that align with my own, and that prioritizes the growth and development of its staff was super important to me. Today, I’m part of a team that shares my passions.”

Stevie Price
Patient Care Coordinator

Our core

  • Patients First
  • Love Your People
  • Resourceful and Resilient
  • Continual Improvement