About Us

Making a positive impact on dentistry

Positive Impact Dental Alliance is a collaborative organization that provides dentists with both the autonomy of private practice and the support of a group. The best part? You’re in the driver’s seat. Our practices aren’t cookie-cutter. We recognize that every doctor’s vision is different and support each practice’s unique identity and goals every step of the way. There’s no divide between the support team and the office because we’re all on the same team.

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are OUR top priority

The dental industry is changing. Local offices and private practices are consolidating into more profitable, more efficient, and more controlling groups and corporations. The cost? Dentists are losing their individualism and patients are being robbed of personal, impactful relationships.

That’s something we won’t stand for. So, we took the traditional org chart and flipped it upside down to put the patient on top.

Our model

Our Vision

  • Making a Positive Impact on Dentistry
  • Advancing Private Practice
  • Supporting the next generation of dentists

Our Core Values

Patients First

  • Make people smile
  • Awareness to the patient experience
  • Take pride in your job
  • Notice the details

Love Your People

  • Always assume the best
  • Teamwork
  • Have a positive mindset

Resourceful & Resilient

  • Be a problem-solver
  • Adapt to change
  • Take pride in your job
  • Recognize challenges as
    opportunities for growth

Continual Improvement

  • Constant personal and
    professional development
  • Always do your best work
  • Facilitate two-way feedback
  • Open and honest

Two friends.
One huge impact.

Meet the founders of Positive Impact Dental Alliance, Dr. Loren Israelsen and Bradley Nelson. Friends since middle school, their bond forms the bedrock of our group’s culture, where strong relationships fuel our collective success.

Embracing the motto, “We’re not serious, but we mean business,” Dr. Loren and Brad champion a work culture that blends fun and purpose. They believe that when passion meets profession, limitless achievements are within reach.

Positive Impact is founded on the belief that the ever-evolving dental industry holds immense potential to transform lives. By prioritizing patient care, empowering doctors to shape practice culture, and elevating the patient experience, we are driving positive change and making a lasting impact on countless lives. 

Dr. Loren and Brad are driven by their passion to offer doctors unparalleled mentorship, clinical training, and holistic professional growth. They firmly believe that fully supported doctors not only thrive individually, but also play a pivotal role in driving the industry’s positive transformation with their remarkable contributions.

United in purpose, Dr. Loren, Brad, and the entire Positive Impact team are dedicated to advancing private practice, supporting the future generation of dentists, and making a positive impact within their communities. At the heart of it, all lies a strong foundation built on friendship and effective communication, driving our collective mission forward.

Yeah, you could say this business is personal.

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