The Cap & Crown

Where new graduates and associates get the opportunity to control their future, whether that be owning a practice faster than you ever thought possible or having a job with a fulfilling work-life balance.

This path offers a great job with even greater benefits. Enjoy the security of having a stable income that allows you to pay down your debt faster while also getting hands-on clinical experience and invaluable mentorship opportunities from seasoned dentists. Here, a competitive salary, a great benefit package, a supportive team and excellent coworkers are just the start of a successful career.

“So many growth and career advancement opportunities like C.E. courses and mentorship. I’m so excited to be working with and learning from a great network of doctors.”

Dr. McDougal, Associate Dentist


What your path will look like


Learn all of this in your first year:

  • Best practices tips + tricks
  • Efficient + productive workflow
    training (make $ without burning out)
  • Endo training
  • Surgery + wisdom teeth training
  • Implants training
  • Invisalign training
  • Live-patient CE
  • Hands-on CE
  • Doctor mastermind + study clubs
  • Doctor chat group


  • Keep dentists in the driver’s seat
    of their practice
  • Team leadership training
  • Co-lead with tons of support


  • High compensation
  • Pathway to partnership
  • Orientation into the company
  • Clinical calibration
  • Team + practice onboarding
  • Annual visions + goals meeting
  • Quarterly regional + multi-practice meeting
  • Monthly office manager + coach meeting
  • Weekly office manager meeting
  • Learn the business of dentistry
  • Full support In all departments (HR, Accounting, Marketing, etc.)

Features & Benefits

Clinical Experience


Mentorship Support

Career Development


Work with cool people